Animals: Classification, Habitats, and Adaptations


The world is filled with all kinds of animals that have many special features. You are about to go on a journey and explore different types of animals. You will learn about different animal classification, their habitats, and how animals have different adaptations that help them survive in their environment.

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During this exploration you will use the kids.sandiego.zoo link to answer questions on the worksheets about each of the five types of animals. After you’ve completed the five worksheets,  you will then pick an animal from the link to research. You will then create a presentation to share with the class about your animal. Your job will be to teach the class about your animal.

Animal Worksheet for each classification

*You will use the same worksheet for each type of animal*




1) Find and answer the questions from the worksheets while you are researching using this link: Remember to check the rubric before passing them in.

2) Once you have completed all worksheets, you will be ready to pick an animal that you want to learn more about. Pick an animal from this link and use the information you learn to create your presentation.

3) Using the Animal Research Presentation Worksheet answer all questions about your animal.

4) Type your research paper using your information from your worksheet in Google Docs. It needs to be double spaced, with size 14 font. Organize your information with headings for each catorgory of information. Please put your information into your own words using the facts you learned. If you do not know how to do this ask your teacher. Insert a visual of your animal or create a visual by drawing.

5)You are now ready to present your animal.



You will be graded on each section of worksheet for each type of animal. Each section of worksheet is worth 5 points. There are three sections so a total of 15 pts.

The 5 points will be broken up into five parts.  

  • Punctuation- 1pt.
  • Complete Sentences -1pt.
  • Desciptive Sentences -1pt.
  • Includes important information- 1pt.
  • Overall effort and neatness- 1pt.

You will receive a separate grade for your presentation. It will be graded the same way but worth a total of 20 points because there are 4 parts. 



Congratulations! You have finished your Animal WebQuest. You have learned about the different classification of animals and their physical characteristics that make them different. You have also learned about their habitats and where in the world they live. I can't wait to learn about the animal you chose to teach us about!

Make sure you pass in your worksheets and check to make sure they are complete with good descriptive details, punctuation and that you have typed your final copy report about your animal in Google Docs.

Once you are done your assignments check out these games and videos!


Teacher Page

My name is Shannon Ouellette and I am a third grade teacher. This is my first Webquest creation! I created this Webquest to help my students learn about animals. Students can take responsibility for their learning and have fun too.