Money, Money!!


Money, Money!!

What is money? Why do we have money?
What was the first money like?

You will learn the answer to these questions and more as you go through this webquest.


Money is Amazing

You will use websites to learn about buying and selling before money, the history of money, and how money is different around the world. You will show what you have learned by filling out several papers.

After learning about money you will design a new bill.


Find out how people bought things before money was invented.

Go to the website below to read about it.

Barter System History

Play the game below to learn how bartering worked.

Escape from Barter Island

Look at the website below to see what people used before money  was invented.

20 Things used for money

Fill in the paper in your folder named Barter.

Learn about the history of money.

Look at the following websites.  As you look at the websites, try to answer all the questions on the History of Money paper.

The History of Money from Barter to Bitcoin

Watch the video and read the information under it.
The History of Money

What does money look like?

Today countries all around the world have money.  Most countries have a combination of paper money and coins. Money looks different in each country.

Ask your teacher for the money bag. Look at the coins and paper money from other countries.  Why do you think they chose the images for the money?

Go to the interactive activity below to see what money looks like in different countries. You can click on the World Map to choose by country or on Advanced Search to find currencies that have certain images on them.  As you look at the money think about why the country may have chosen the images they did.

Explore Money From Around the World

Click here to find out what is on the money of the United States. 

Click here to find out about the people on Australian money.

Click here to learn about Canadian money.

Click here to find out what money is called in different countries.

Pick any currency, from any country but the United States, and fill out the "Foreign Currency" paper in your folder.

Design your own money!

Before beginning your own design, use the interactive game below to make a pretend bill.  Notice what kind of things are on the bill and what choices you make as you create it. 

You Look Like a Million Bucks

Now you are ready to design your own bill.

This will be a bill that would be used at Bath Elementary School. Think about things that symbolize our school, people in the school, things we do at school, and so forth as you design the bill.  You must design a front and back to the bill.

There are several copies of the design sheet in your folder, in case you change your mind or want to make a sloppy copy first. If you need pictures of certain people or things for your bill, ask Mrs. Adams for help and advice.

  • Make sure you turn all your papers into your teacher.
  • You should use proper paragraph and sentence form when you are answering questions.
  • She will grade them and return them to you.
  • After you have designed your dollar, ask your teacher if you can show it to the class and explain the symbols and pictures you have used on it.