Pueblo Indians food and their ways of hunting


The Pueblo Indians relied more and more on farming than hunting, but if they had to hunt they would hunt wild animals and gather wild plants.


The Pueblo Indians got food by raising animals, hunting, fishing, gathering and farming. They raised turkeys and hunted wild animals  such as antelope, rabbit, deer, and bighorn sheep, but their diet primarily consisted of squash, beans, onions and corn, which was important in their spiritual life and ceremonies.

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The Pueblos often traded their produce with other Native American Indians that lived in the Southwest. They hunted with a weapon called a Atlatl. The Atlatl was like a spear or throwing stick used to throw pobjects with greater distance towards the target.



Pueblo Indians ate crops they grew. They also made thin bread, called piki, by spreading out corn paste in a thin layer and baking it on a flat stone that they put at the edge of the fire. They hunted but they also ate some of their farm animals such as cows and chickens.

Piki BreadPiki bread


Pueblo Indians obtained food by raising animals, hunting, fishing, gathering and farming.

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