Welcome to Ireland!


You are going to spend a month in Ireland with a host family. The trip will happen in two weeks, so you have to learn all you can about this country.

With this quest you can find out more about this lovely country.



Ready to surf the net?

You have to look for some information about Ireland exploring a lot of websites. Websites about Irish culture, art, legends,food, customs and traditions will help you know about this beautiful country. 

By the time you finish this activity you will know a lot about this green and beautiful country.  You will become familiar with different websites that will give you information about the main cities, customs, legends and traditions, food and the most important places to visit. Finally, in groups you will prepare a presentation of one of these 4 subject areas trying to convince me and your classmates that this is the best place to learn English.


For this webquest you will have two marks: a group mark (80%) and an individual mark ( 20%).

- For the group mark your teacher will assess:

  • The quality of the information in the presentation.
  • The correct use of English (vocabulary, grammar, spelling,…)
  • The appearance of the presentation (images, videos…)

- For the individual mark, your teacher will assess:

  • Your participation in developing the task.
  • Your participation in the individual activities.
  • Your speaking performance during your presentation: preparation, fluency, pronunciation, etc.

- At the end of this activity the class will vote for the best presentation and will choose the the best reason/area to go to study English to Ireland.


After doing this webquest, you will have learnt a lot about Ireland and the importance of learning English at school.

You will also have learnt how to find information on the Internet and put it into a presentation, so you will have improved your digital and writing skills.

Finally, you will have prepared an oral presentation, so you will have improved your speaking competence!

You will be able to:

-plan a trip on your own;

-cooperate and collaborate with others;

-look for and select specific information on a website;

-use the language to solve a problem;

-organize a presentation;

-speak to an audience.


Webquest by Julia Aznárez Espejo