Wednesday Wars


It's the year 1967 and Holling HoodHood just moved up to seventh grade at his new school. He already knows his teacher hates his guts and is out to get him. Come join Hollings adventure in Wednesday wars.

  • Gather info about 1967 and what it would be like to live in 1967 and have a new school in 1967
  • Think what it would be like to be hated by your teacher who is in charge of you. 
  •  Write a draft of what it would be like to live in 1967 2 pages or more.
  • Finally write a final Draft 
  1. Go on any google and learn about the year 1967 here are some sites
  2. Https://
  3. Https://www.storyboardthat
  4. You Could even ask grandparents and great grandparents for info.
  5. After you reasearches write a draft and give it to a teacher or adult to point out your mistakes.
  6. Make a final draft with all your mistakes fixed.