Week 4- 6 Poetry Homework : Poetry Hunt!



You are to revise the elements of poetry by defining key words relating to the language and structure of poetry. You will also become poet detectives by researching the different forms of poetry and their rules plus investigate some poets and their famous works.  



Task 1 : Revise the following by writing down their definitions on a google docs. 









point of view


rhyme scheme




Task 2:  Your second task is to use the provided Internet links to research the following types of poetry. Define each type of poetry. Then read several examples of each type of poetry and select one of your favorite example for each type. After selecting your favorite example from each type, identify any of the poetic elements present in the poem. You will also do this on a google docs. 






free verse

shape poetry

Task 3: Choose 3 forms of poetry (see above). Choose 3 different themes or topics and write a poem for each topic using the forms you have selected. Eg, you may choose to write a haiku, a limerick and cinquain but on a different topic. Brainstorm words for your topic first before writing your poem. Do these on google docs. 

Task 4: Poetry Recital : You are to select one poem to recite in front of the class. Use google search to find a poem. You need to acknowledge the poet and explain what the poem is about before reciting it to the class.  


Process for Task 1

1. Use the provided Internet links to define the poetry terms given.

2. Type these terms and definitions into Google docs. Label your page "Poetry Terms."


Links for you to use:




Process for Task 2

1. Use GOOGLE to search for the examples of the types of poetry given.

2. Look at several different examples of each type of poetry.

3. Choose your favorite example of each type.

4. Copy each one and paste it onto a blank page in Google docs. There should be one poem per page.

5. Above each poem, indicate which type of poem it is. Also define the type of poem.

6. Reread each poem and find examples of the poetic elements. List any examples that are present at the end of the poem.

7. Insert clipart for each poem. You may also change text and font color to make things lively and exciting.


Process for Task 3

1. Choose your two favorite types of poems from the list of poems you researched.

2. Write your own original examples based on the poems you selected.

3. Type your poems in Google docs

4. Each student must have his/her own original poem.

5. Insert clipart for each poem. You may also change text and font color. Don't be afraid to be creative.


You must upload into your shared folder. 

Process for Task 4

1. Research different examples of poetry using the internet. 

2. Select one you like. It must have at least 3 stanzas or verses. 

3. Read the poem and understand what it means by looking up meanings of the words. 

4. Copy the poem onto a Google doc. Include the poet's name and background (brief biography) 

5. Learn and memorise the poem. 

6. Recite the poem to class on Friday of Week 7. 



Rubric will be attached on google classroom. 

Teacher Page

Please ask for help if you are having any trouble completing the webquest.