Welcome to Cacoal- Brazil


    Dear students,

    Cacoal is receiveing a group of Germany people interested in grow Teca in our city. You were selected to make a  presentation telling them all about our city: economy, tourist places, enviroment and education. You must convince them that our city will be a good investment.



You belong to a team that is going to present and represent our city to a group of investidors from German. This presentantion will be at the city hall and your job is tell about our city and our wealth as environment, economy and manpower.


1. You will go online and  choose photos that represent our city.

2. You will go online or you can go to the city hall and collect all information about our city, such as, how many inhabitants, universities, information about our PIB, everything about our economy.

3. Once you have collect all this information, you must create a page or a power point file to do your presentation.

4. As this is a team work, you can divide the functions as you prefer.


Your work will be evaluated according to process and product.

Process: teamwork, individual work

Self-evaluation: 15%

Peer evaluation: 15%

Teacher evaluation: 10%

Individual report and oral presentation of the assigned roles: 20%

Final report and team presentation: 40%



       By doing the task proposed by this Webquest you must have acquired a lot of knowledge about Cacoal. What's more, you did it in a fun and cooperative way, also having the possibility of improving your writing and oral skills in English.

      This was a fictitious project, but imagine sharing the information your gathered with a large number of people by publishing a blog or a homepage about Cacoal on the Internet?



Thank you to all my students to make my job easier with their cooperation.