We're Going on a Trip!


Third grade, 

Time is running out and I still have to plan our 3rd grade field trip! I'm going to need your help to get the job done. I need you to decide on where we should go on our fieldtrip and make a schedule of everything we will be doing! I'm counting on you!



Mrs. McRae


You are in charge of planning your class' field trip. You get to choose where you go (Zoo or Fernbank), what exhibits you go to see and the schedule of your day.  Remember that you want to visit several exhibits, but you want to allow enough time for you all to travel, eat lunch and dinner, and see everything in the exhibit. You will work in groups to create a schedule that will tell the rest of the class when and how long they will be visiting each exhibit.


Watch this video first to review elapsed time. 



Task #1

Step 1: Review the attached rubric prior to starting the planning.  (Rubric is listed at the bottom of this page.)

Step 2: Choose your field trip destination:
Fernbank (Click Here)
Zoo Atlanta (Click Here)                   

Go  to your groups selected website-
Look at  the different exhibits and determine which ones you would like
to visit. 

Step 3:  Choose the exhibits you want to visit and decide how long you
want to stay at each exhibit.

 Step 4:  Determine how long it will take you to travel there (using mapquest). Our school's address is 2500 Ga-127 Kathleen, GA.  You will have to determine the address for the destination you selected.  Add your travel time to and from your destination.

Step 5: Don't forget about lunch, dinner and restroom breaks.  All lunch and dinner choices are on site (so you only need to allow time to walk to the onsite resturant):  

Step 6:  Using the attached template, create your schedule. You will leave school at 8:00 am and you have to return to school by 6:30 pm. You can spend as much time as you want at the  exhibits. Your schedule should follow this format: 

 Step 7: Use Microsoft PowerPoint to create and display your schedule. Use
images from the website to give a peek as to what the exhibits look like.

Rubric- please review this rubric prior to starting your planning.





 Elapsed Time Schedule RubricGroup # ____________________________ .

  Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
Elapsed Time All elapsed time is 
calculated correctly 

1-3 errors in elapsed


4 or more errors in elapsed
Concept of Time

Schedule demonstrates

accurate concept of time

A few errors are included
that show inaccurate 
concept of time

No concept of time
Schedule Schedule is accurate and 
contains no gaps or overlaps
Schedule is accurate but
contains gaps or overlaps. OR
Schedule is not accurate
Schedule is not accurate
and contains gaps or 
Levels of Difficulty
with Elapsed Time
Students used hour to 
hour, half hour, and to the
minute events
Students used hour to hour
events and half hour events
Students used only hour 
to hour events
Important Information Included

Includes group number,
student names, and 
field trip destination

1 or 2 pieces of information
is missing
Missing all information

Congratulations! You successfully planned a field trip using elapsed time!

You have shown all of the following skills:

*tell and write time to the nearest minute
*measure time intervals in minutes
*applied digital tools to gather, evalute, and use information
*used critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research


This webquest was based off of a webquest created by Ashley Beasley: http://timetotakeafieldtrip.weebly.com/index.html