Westward Expansion


Pack your bags, because we are headed West folks! We are going to fulfill Manifest Density! You will go through an adventure of moving west and see what problems or things you may run into!


Your quest begins with you moving west and figuring out the way of life. At the end of the quest, you should be able to make a pros and cons table on several different topics when it comes to moving west. You must use markers and make your list colorful!  After you complete this, write a short paragraph on if you think moving west after the Civil War was a positive or negative thing to do!


Step One: Go to https://www.history.com/topics/westward-expansion/westward-expansion and read the first two paragraphs to get an idea about what we will be studying as we move through this topic. ( you should stop reading at "Westward Expansion and Slavery")

Step Two: Next, one you table make two columns labeled Pros and Cons. Then make three separate sections horizontally, labeling each one "Indians" "farming and livelihood", and "Coal Mining"

Step Three: Go to https://iowaculture.gov/history/education/educator-resources/primary-source-sets/westward-expansion-and-native-americans and read the article. When reading the article find two negatives and one positive about the Indians being in the West before and after settlers moved there. 

Step Four: Go to https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/us-history/the-gilded-age/american-west/a/westward-expansion-economic-development and read the overview and the paragraph titled "Farmers in the Industrial Age" and find two pros and cons of farming in the West.

Step Five: Go to https://www.montana.edu/news/4838/miners-faced-rough-times-in-early-american-west and read the article and find two positives and two negatives about mining in the West.

Step Six: After you have completed your chart, please read over your data and come up with a short paragraph explaining why it was either a positive or a negative thing to move out west. Use evidence from your table to back up your answer.


When grading the chart:

-making sure they have used color markers provided. 

- they provided the correct number of examples the assignment required.

- NO one word answers, but at least a sentence explaining each pro and con.

-neatly done and presented.

When grading the paragraph:

- At least 4-5 sentences explaining their reasonings. 

- evidence is used from their chart to support their answer.

-the use of correct grammar and no run on sentences. 



After completing their table, they will get two pieces of tape and hang up their table somewhere in the room for all their classmates to see. Then they will turn in their short paragraph to me.