What are 'American food trucks'?


Hello! In this WebQuest, you are going to learn about American Food Trucks. What they are? What can you get there? And many more!


First of all, play this song about Food Trucks and then go to the next part!



Task 1

In this task, you and your classmates will play a quiz with questions based on the song that you just have heard.

In order to play the quiz click on the link below and type the code provided by the teacher.

Link: https://play.kahoot.it/#/lobby?quizId=79287d3c-0891-417b-8b4e-4d2980924a8f

Your goal is to choose the correct answer and be as fast as possible!

*Hint* it gives more points if you are faster than your friends!

(For the sake of checking the questions, here is a link that previews the content of this quiz:


Task 2

In this task, you will have to find some information about Food Trucks on the internet.

There are 4 questions and you need to find the answer.

Use Microsoft Word or Open Office in order to answer the questions.

When you finish, save this file as "Answers for Food Truck Webquest" and send it to the e-mail: slawilasz123@gmail.com

Good luck!



1. What are the most popular Food Trucks in America? Give at least 5 examples.

2. Where you can find ''Pigwich'' Food Truck?

3. What kind of food "Coolhaus" Food Truck offers?

4. What is a "chuckwagon" and how it is connected with Food Trucks?


Task 3

In this task, you will have an opportunity to take part in making and selling food from a Food Truck! 

In order to play this game, simply click on the link below and press start. You will be introduced to the game with a short story and tutorial.

Have fun!

Link: https://pbskids.org/lunchlab/games/food-truck



I hope that you have learnt something new about American Food Trucks and had a good time playing and doing the exercises.

Thank you for your attention. :)