What are ‘garage sales / yard sales’ in the USA?


You have a lot of unwanted items in your house which you would like to get rid of. You could obviously throw it all into a rubbish bin, however, you heard of something called "garage sale". Find out how you could combine clearing your house out of unnecessary things and making money.



In order to be successful in selling all your items you have to prepare well. Create a list of all the important things you need to do before a garage sale. Find out the information:


  1. When is the best time to do a garage sale
  2. How to organize all of the things you would like to sell
  3. What prices should the items have
  4. How to attract customers to come to your yard sale
  5. How to make your customers shop more


Later, create a plan for your own garage sale and design a sign that will attract customers.


Part 1 - Basic information

Go to https://dictionary.cambridge.org/ and find out what does ‘garage sale’ mean


Par 2 - Look at a real garage sale


Watch this video and find out what a real life garage sale looks like.


Part 3 - Garage sale tips


Watch this video and answer the 5 questions concerning a successful garage sale.


Part 4 - Plan out your garage sale

Create a list with all the steps you are going to do while preparing your own garage sale. Remember to consider what items exactly you would like to sell, how you are going to organize and exhibit them, and when is the sale going to take place. Your plan can be created in the form of a word document or a powerpoint presentation.


Part 5 - Advertise your garage sale

Go to https://pl.pinterest.com/pin/138696863495290901/ and get inspired. Try to design your own yard sale sign. You can use MS Paint or any program of your choice. Be creative and remember that the sign should catch attention of as many people as possible.

Evaluation criteria
5 questions 1 - 5 points 
Plan 1 point
Sign 1 point



You have collected all the necessary information on how to organize the perfect garage sale. You can get as creative as you want in the case of preperation and making it attractive for the people coming to your yard. Create two files, one with the plan and second with the sign. There is no limit as far as the amount of pages it should take you to prepare your task.


There are different websites which give you information about yard sales. You are welcome to use your own sources. Here are some pages that can help you:


Yard sale statistics:



Yard sale do’s and don’ts:



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