What are the impacts of bushfires?


Bushfires are a natural, essential and complex part of the Australian environment and have been for thousands of years. 

You have recently read the text 'Animal response to a bushfire is astounding. These are the tricks they use to survive,' and now it is time to look at the impacts on the communities living in Australia. 

Compete this webquest by using the websites provided to answer a series of questions. Remember the key question for this WebQuest is "What are the impacts of bushfires?"




Your task is simple: 

Visit the websites throughout the WebQuest and fill in the answers on your handout.

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1. Define a 'bushfire.'


2. Where do bushfires occur in Australia? Colour this on the map provided. 


3. What are the top three causes of a bushfire in Australia?


4. Complete the table on the worst bushfires in Australia.


5. Define the words: economic, social and environmental


6. List the five impacts that a bushfire can have and categorise these impacts into economic, social and environmental. 


7. Write a paragraph answering the question, 'what are the impacts of bushfires in Australia.' You may do more online research if you need to. 


Your worksheet will be graded. Please be sure to turn it in! 

This should have been done individually.