What is behind the fun?


                                                 What Is Behind The Fun?


     Global Concept: Design/Sustainability/Innovation and Responsibility


        Learners are inspired to be curious about Physics in designing and implementing it by creating a Sustainable

        and affordable amusement park 


  • Physics Equations
  • Applying safety measures
  • Fundraising—a student responsibility
  • Why do we recycle?
  • ​​How alternative fuels are made and why—new innovations
  • ​​What does it mean to be “green”?


  • How we use Physics in the world?
  • What types of rides covering my objectives?
  • Responsibility and organization, teamwork
  • How are we responsible for the planet? and each other?


  • Why we must innovate
  • Creativity in business—new ideas fitting every where 
  • every one needs to have fun especially the people of determination






    Challenging Task:



    As a physics student and a global digital citizen who is conscientious, caring and resourceful, that is putting you in a great responsibility toward your self and others.

    You are requested to design a whole amusement park with new creative rides ( not like the ones already in the market) following the concepts studied this term( Centripetal Force- Circular Motion-Rotational Motion-Torque-Moment of inertia and center of mass) using limited resources,Keeping in mind making your park Sustainable and affordable and applicable to be used by people of determination.

    As you research and design the concept for your “Amusement Park,” think about what it will use as a fuel source that will also serve the purpose of reducing or eliminating a waste problem. It could be powered by trash of some kind, or perhaps it uses some kind of recyclable material. Whatever your source, it must both operate your invention and provide relief to one of the aforementioned issues. 

    You will want to present your design using plain illustrations during the first part of your designing process then using the model it self after finishing it.

    Connections Through Context and Relevance

    • ​​Global Citizenship - Building inventions to help make a better world
    • ​​Environmental Stewardship - How are we responsible for our planet

    Useful links:

    Use the below links during your designing process:

















    Questions to be answered:

    Read the information at: http://www.hometrainingtools.com/a/amusement-park-physics

    Then, answer the questions below in complete sentences. You will need to apply the knowledge you obtain from reading the information and possibly do some additional research on the Internet, along with using critical thinking and reasoning skills.

    1. Briefly describe Newton’s First Law in your own words. Give an example of how this relates to amusement park rides.
    2. Briefly describe Newton’s Second Law in your own words. Give an example of how this relates to amusement park rides.
    3. Briefly describe Newton’s Third Law in your own words. Give an example of how this relates to amusement park rides.
    4. Explain in your own words how centripetal force works with a carousel. Give an example of another amusement park ride that uses centripetal force.
    5. Explain in your own words how gravity and inertia work in a roller coaster ride. How could a designer use their knowledge of those forces to make their roller coaster a better ride?
    6. Potential and kinetic energy are used in many amusement park rides. Name two of these rides and explain how those forces work in each ride.
    7. Explain how Newton’s Third Law applies if you collide head-on with another car in a bumper car ride.
    8. Using the information from Newton’s Laws, what contributes to the rush of excitement in a roller coaster ride?
    9. Explain how you can apply using TORQUE in designing one or more of  your ride?



    Solution Fluency Process:


    ​​ students work in groups to come up with a unique idea for their own personal invention for society that runs on an alternative fuel source and completely safe. They will design and explain the function of their invention and how it works in a technical manual format. After the class discussion, students should be ready to take on the challenges. Inform them that they will be putting their heads together to come up with unique and useful inventions that operate on alternative fuels following the physics concepts clarified earlier in this assignment. Ensure they understand that what they invent must utilize either recycling or trash or any renewable resource of energy in its fuel source to some degree, thus working to alleviate those problems as well. make sure that students understand that the rides must be unique in design and idea and that they are not already found in the market. Get students to hand in written definitions of the problem for the task before they proceed.



    Have students brainstorm a plan to create at least one ride per physics concept. Get students to think of how they will use the limited resources to benefit the designing process .

    Instructions are clearly given that the rides must be innovative and not like any ride in the market


    Our Father Sheikh Zayed once said,

    “To treat every person, no matter what his creed or race, as a special soul, is a mark of Islam.”

    imagine a child struggling to survive everyday needs living in a very poor part of the globe, dreaming to have fun like every one but because of lacking the essential resources unfortunately he can't.

    you and your team challenging task is going to make his dream come true by applying what you have learnt in Physics and using limited resources as well as helping the planet in the problem of fuel and trash.


    Student groups will now begin expanding their visions of an alternatively fueled physics amusement park into a workable format. They will use design programs and illustrations to conceive its operating characteristics, appearance, and functionality. Have them revisit their research as they design the mechanical aspects of their rides, and remind them to call on their ingenuity for its unique outward design. They will need to make sure that their fuel source incorporates the use of  recycling or renewable energy source in some way. They are basically designing an amusement park with a twofold purpose. First, it needs to work to fulfill the Physics part behind the fun . Second, it needs to help address the litter and recycling accumulation issue by using waste or recycled material in its source of fuel or any relevant idea using renewable source of energy.

    Consider the examples below when you design the solution.

    Students must put into priority the safety of the rides and how it is doable if they apply Physics correctly.




    ​​Students will begin to finalize their models and clean up any last-minute details for their design presentations. Depending on how they format their presentations, they may require extra editing time if any digital renderings use software. The student groups will then present their clean park ideas to the rest of the class. Set up some criteria that you will use for assessment. You can consider things like the following:

    • ​​design originality and function
    • ​​alternative fuel sourcing
    • ​​the ride specific function following the physics concepts
    • ​​why it would be useful in our society
    • ​​in what way its fuel consumption design combats a recycling or litter issue in a bid to help our environment
    • ​​manufacturing economy and marketability
    • mentioning all the trials they made till they come up with a completely safe ride.
    • mentioning the rides they invented for the the people of determination.


    Have the students revisit their designs as a group and take a critical look at the processes they used during this task to achieve their goal. Have them consider all the designs they saw from the students in their class.

    • How did each design illustrate a desire for a cleaner, healthier world?
    • How did they help the determined ones?
    • How safe was the ride?

    Now have them reflect critically on their own presentation. Is there anything about their procedures and development steps that they would do differently? How did they explore their creativity and design prowess to its full potential when creating their amusement park? Have them reflect on how important it is to consider things like practicality, functionality, and  safety when undertaking the creation of any such invention.



    Achievement Standards:

    • Applies personal and social skills to establish and maintains respectful relationships and promote safety, fair play and inclusivity.
    • Communicates their ideas, methods and findings using scientific language and appropriate representations

    • Collaborates with others in design and production processes, and control equipment and technologies to achieve their intentions.

    • Demonstrates skills to make informed decisions, and proposes and implements actions that promote their own and others’ health, safety and wellbeing.

    • Explains issues and ideas from a variety of sources, analysing supporting evidence and implied meaning.

    • Makes presentations and contribute actively to class and group discussions, using language features to engage the audience.

    • Chooses appropriate language to describe events and experiments.

    • Describes Physics laws and applies them to design safe rides.

    • Identifies the effects of an economic or business decision and the potential consequences of alternative actions.

    • Identifies ways they can be active and informed citizens in different contexts.

    • Proposes a range of alternative responses to an issue and evaluates the costs and benefits of each alternative.

    • When planning for action, takes into account multiple perspectives, uses democratic processes, and develops solutions to an issue.

    • Communicates and documents projects, including marketing for a range of audiences.

    • Creates and connects design ideas and processes of increasing complexity and justify decisions.

    • Establishes detailed criteria for success, including sustainability considerations, and uses these to evaluate ideas and designed solutions and processes.

    • Explains the concepts of Circular Motion,rotational motion and Torque  and represent each within systems.

    Your models will be evaluated based on the below criteria:

    • Design
    • innovation
    • Physics
    • Efficiency
    • Partnership and co-operation
    • Effectiveness
    • Safety
    • Sustainability
    • Rating will be from 1 to 5



    Amusement Park Name

    Rate the Design/


    Rate the Sustainability


    Rate the



    Physics Usage

    Presentation rating

    One Thing They Could Improve