“what clothes would you advise to take your friend for ____?”


Your friend is going to *(city/country)* next Monday because there, it is *(celebration)*. 

He/she does not know about that celebration and therefore, he/she does not know what clothes or complements should wear.


You will create a project with two different parts:

1-  You will have to describe (briefly) the celebration and something about that city/country (especially to talk about weather since you have to take this into account when creating your outfits)

2- You will create a list with different "outfits" for that country/city and for the celebration.


1- First step is to listen to this podcast to enter into context: (this is the listening retrieved from the "book")

This is the link: https://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/skills/listening/intermediate-b1-listening/celebrations

2-Once you know something about different celebrations or special occasions, it is time to find yours!

Here, some useful links:

3- Now, you know what celebration you want to talk about. So you have to choose in which country/city this event will be celebrated and comment on something about the weather there.





For the evaluation of this activity/project, the teacher will assess the process of learning-teaching, writing and listening skills through rubrics. 


Hope you enjoyed a lot!