What did you do last summer?


Learn about past simple tense and do the quiz to show that you understand what you have learned. Then, watch the video about the trip and search tourist attraction popularity and do a comparison. Finally, create a story. 


Task 1

1. Watch my lecture about past simple tense here (Click on the word "here") 

2. After you watch the lecture, you need to do the quiz.

   - Go to quizizz.com 

   - Enter the code   781185

   - Enter your name 

Task 2 

3. Watch the video about the family trip to the beach. 

4. Write at least 3 past events that happened in the video. 

Task 3

5. Go to the following website.

6. Find 2 tourist attractions in Chiangmai

7. compare them between 2018 and 2020

8. Create a bar graph on Excel 

9. Post your graph with description on your Padlet. 

Task 4

10.Create a story about the tourist attratcion based on the information you get in Task 3

11. Create an online picture book on storyjumper. 

12. Post the book on Padlet

13. Write comments on your friends' story too!!!