What pet to get?


You have been asking your parents for a pet.  They have finally agreed that you are old enough to take responsibility for a pet of your own.  They insist that you do some research on pet care so you make an informed decision on what type of pet to get.  Your job is to investigate 4 different pets.  For each pet you need to fill out the average cost to buy the pet, a list of supplies you will need to buy, what they eat, and at least four important care instructions.  You also must write 2-3 sentences on what would make it a good pet for you.  


Your task is to create a poster or Power Point to display your research about each pet and why it would be a good pet for you. 

Through your research you will learn how to care for different animals.  You will learn what supplies and food are needed for your pet and you will research the cost of each pet.  

All of this information will help you to make an informed decision of which pet would be best for you. 


Your task is to create a colorful display of your research.

Option A

Create a colorful poster with hand drawn or printed pictures of each pet.

You must include the following information for each pet

  • Cost to buy the pet
  • List of supplies needed 
  • What they eat
  • 5 important care instructions 
  • 2-3 complete sentences explaining why this would be a good pet to get.

Option B

Create a Power Point with a slide for each pet.  Each slide must have a picture of the pet and the following information

  • Cost to buy the pet
  • List of supplies needed
  • What they eat
  • 5 important care instructions
  • 2-3 complete sentences explaining why this would be a good pet to get.

Use the following links for your research about pets and their care










  • 4 pets were chosen
  • Cost of each pet was included
  • A list of supplies needed for each pet
  • 4 important care instructions for each pet
  • What each pet eats
  • 1-2 sentences well written on why this would be a good pet for you.
  • Pictures were used of each pet
  • information is labeled and organized


# 3 2 1 Comments Score
Colorful Display Colorful display including pictures of each pet. Some color used and pictures used. No pictures or color included in display.   15 points
Information 5 important care tips, cost of pet and what they eat are included and clearly labeled and organized. Some information is included and labeled. Missing information, not clearly labeled or organized.   15 Points
Sentences Two complete sentences were used with correct capitalization and punctuation. No spelling errors. 1-2 sentences were used with correct punctuation and capitalization. Some spelling errors. 1-2 sentences with errors in punctuation, capitalization and spelling errors.   10 Points
Organization The information was well organized and displayed in a manner that was easy to understand. The information was somewhat organized and understandable. The display lacked organization and the information was difficult to find.   10 Point

Congratulations!  Your research is done.  You have learned about pet care and the things that you need to take care of a pet.  You have learned how to research information to make an informed decision.  Share your poster or Power Point with 2 classmates and tell them which pet you would choose to get. 

Teacher Page

This web quest is designed to help 3 grade students research different  pets and their care.  Students will research 4 different pets and compile information in a poster display or in a Power Point.  This project will also emphasize the importance of making an informed decision.   This project should be planned for multiple class periods.  

Day 1 (30-45 minutes)

Explore Web Quest requirements, begin research and notes.

Day 2 (30-45 minutes)

Continue research, complete gathering information on 2 pets.

Day 3 (30-45 minutes)

Finish research on 2 more pets.  Begin Power Point or poster.

Day 4 (30-45 minutes)

Work on Power Point or poster.

Day 5 (30-45 minutes)

Complete project and share with two classmates. 


Supplies needed

Large poster boards




Student devices

Printer access