What Really Matters Is On The Inside


Hello, English students!

As you may know, it is a matter of hours that St. Valentine's Day is coming to our high school! We agree there is no other day as beautiful and romantic as this one! flowers, chocolate boxes, letters made with so much love... everything is so special on that day that I've taken advantage of this opportunity by creating this WebQuest taking into account the topic of personality adjectives. I wish I could make your hearts enjoy and soften! ❤

Alright, let's get started! 



1st task: in pairs, you will have to match the red flashcards, which contain personality adjectives, with their correspondent definitions and images, written on the blue flascards. 

2nd task: for those pairs who have finished early, the teacher hands out a chart where you will have to classify the former flashcards into positive and negative adjectives. 


Follow the steps below:

1. Read carefully the prompts. If you want the maximum score, do not forget anything to do. 

2. Work with your partner without disturbing your classmates. You all are free to use some of the online dictionaries I attach below to look up for unknown words: 

  • WordReference
  • Collins Dictionary
  • Cambridge Dictionary

3. For each task, everyone will have up to 5 minutes. If some of you have finished everything earlier than the rest, help your classmates finish their work. 

4. Once time is up, we will check the tasks. Please, do not hesitate to ask me anything! I am here for that ☺️


Work fulfilled on the WebQuest is part of the 40% of the final grade.

You will be graded in terms of participation and class work.


Students have learnt vocabulary on personality adjectives.

They have been able to connect images with words and divide them into categories based on content-specific criteria to assess and build understanding of a topic.