What is weather?


Weather effects daily life, but what factors can affect the weather? How does the different season affect the weather? 

What cause it to be windy outside? Why is it sunny some days but rainy others?


Learn about the differences between weathers. 


First, watch the Brian Pop video to learn the basics of weather. https://www.brainpop.com/science/forcesofnature/weather/. Then visit http://www.weatherforkids.org/. Pick one of the weather and create a poster for it. The poster must include a drawing of the weather, include the main cause and what damage it can cause. 



Did not meet requirements Met Requirements  Exceeded Requirements

The student shows evidence they know about the weather they picked.


Student shows evidence they know the differences between the weather types.

Student shows evidence they know what causes the weather they picked.       
Student shows evidence that they know what damages come from the weather they picked.       



Weather affects how we live our daily life. It can affect what we decide to wear that day and what we spend our day doing. It can even affect the way we feel on different days. It is important to learn about the weather because it can affect the world in so many ways.