Where are you From?


A part of the way that you live reflects your heritage. Heritage is what has been passed down to you from the past. For example, if your heritage is Ukranian, your holiday might include some traditions that are different then someone with a Japanese heritage.

If your ancestors were Inuit, you might speak a different language than someone whose ancestors came from Britain. Ancestors are the people in your family who came before you (Parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents etc.)

People come from all over the World to live in Canada making it a very multicultural and diverse country.  This means there are may different types of religions, foods and cultures around our communities.


You will be finding information related to where your ancestors have come from. This will help show the different multicultural backgrounds of Canada.

By the end of this web quest lesson, you will learn:

  • What a family tree is and how to interpret who is who
  • Where your family originated from
  • The path taken to lead to being in Lethbridge

First, you must learn about a family tree is. Explore the following pages to get an understanding.





Second, you will answer the following questions about this family tree. You will answer the questions as if you were Magna Snow.

Family Tree Hierarchy


  1. Who is your Mother?
  2. Who is your Grandpa?
  3. Who is your Great-Grandpa?
  4. Who is your Aunt?

Next, you will create your family tree (digitally) This will include the names of the family members and where they came from originally.



Last, you will create a pathway that your family took to get to Lethbridge. Create a PINK line for your mother’s pathway and a BLUE line for your father’s. Using a digital map

For example, Ms. Gallimore’s Great Grandparents came from Austria and moved to Edmonton, Alberta- so there would be a pink line going from Austria to Edmonton. From there, they moved to Abosford, British Columbia- so there would be a pink line going from Edmonton to Abotsford. They then moved back to Edmonton- Pink like from Abotsford to Edmonton. Next, Miss. Gallimore’s Grandma moved to Lethbridge- so there would be a pink like from Edmonton to Lethbridge. This would be the end of the Pink line for Ms. Gallimore’s mothers side because this is where she still live today!



This will show you where your ancestors originated from and the different paths they took to arrive at the same place.