Where do I want to live?


Hello students! Today we are going to learn a lot about the continents and the types of houses that there are depending on where you live. Are you ready?


Work on the subject and create your own home with your teammates. When you finish, remember to upload the activity to the school platform. Cheer up!


1. Answer the questions:
Where would I like to live?
What is a continent? How many continents are there?
What materials can my home be made of?
2. Work as a team with your colleagues and create your ideal home.
3. Upload the video of your home to the school platform: 
Use this website to make your video:
On the video you have to explain: 
- Where would it be, climate
- Materials used to build the house
- That there would be around







1. Works well as a team:

Respect your classmates
Respect your turn to speak
Help your co-workers
Take care of your team and your role within it

2. Can create a video

3. Understand the contents of the unit


I hope you liked the activity and you've learned a lot. 

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I'm Maite, tutor and teacher of Social 2nd Primary.
I hope you liked my webQuest and if you have any questions, ask me. Thanks for everything