Who wants to be an Entrepreneur?


Do you want to own your business? Have you ever thought about where business ideas come from or what it would take to start your own business?

Did you know that you could create a business based on your hobbies, interests, or strengths? 

Let's watch this TED video about Maya Penn, a young entrepreneur!

Today is your lucky day!

By completing this webquest, you will find out what it takes to start a business and you will be well on your way to becoming a successful BUSINESS OWNER!!
Entrepreneurs, let's get started!




Your goal for this webquest is to follow the instructions and complete the activities/project so that you will be able to:

  • explain the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs,
  • create a business idea (with an original name, motto, and logo), and
  • successfully create a basic business plan for your business.

Process: Activities 1 & 2  should be done on one MS Word Doc, Activity 3 should use the downloadable Word Doc, and Activity 4 should be a separate Word Doc.  A total of three Documents will be turned in.

Activity 1:
Entrepreneurship Assessment activity 
Go tohttps://www.bdc.ca/en/articles-tools/entrepreneur-toolkit/business-assessments/pages/self-assessment-test-your-entrepreneurial-potential.aspx
Complete the Entrepreneurship Self Assessment.  In a MS Word document, copy and paste your score for the assessment and the brief summary of your results.  Share your opinion of your results in 2-3 sentences.

Activity 2:
Business Brainstorm Activity
Open a MS Word document.  Complete the Business Brainstorm activity by answering the questions below.  

  1. Think about yourself.  List one of your hobbies, one of your interests, and one area of expertise.  
  2. Reflect on your hobby, interest, and area of expertise.  Choose ONE to use as your business idea.
  3. What will your business do?
  4. Using the internet, find 2 existing business that sell what you plan to sell.  Copy and paste the web addresses.
  5. Where are the companies located?
  6. List 1 thing that you like about each website.
  7. List 1 thing that you dislike about each website (if any).
  8. After reviewing each company’s website, what will your business provide that is different or better than theirs?
  9. Think of and list an original business name AND motto.  

Activity 3:


Business Logo Research and Design activity (Upload MS document file below).
Complete Part 1.  
Complete Part 2:  Go to http://www.logogarden.com/.  Design your logo.  You will need to enter your email in order to receive your logo.  Download your logo and insert the logo into Part 2 of the Business Logo Research and Design activity document http://cdjentrepreneurwebquest.weebly.com/uploads/2/4/6/6/24663318/business_logo_research.docx

Activity 4:
Business Plan Project (Major Project Grade)

Based on the Following Rubric you will be assessed:


  • Now that you know what should be included in your Business Plan, let's get started.  Open a MS Word document and create your Cover Page first.  Following the Business Plan Outline, create your own business plan using the required format and section headings.  
  • Very important note:   Make sure that you DO NOT copy the sample business plans.  These are designed to be a guide or template for you to use in creating and designing YOUR company's business plan.  No two business plans are alike.  Feel free to include details that are specific and realistic for your business.  Make your business stand out from the rest and offer products/services that your competitors don't.


  • Your Business Plan will be graded according to the Business Plan Rubric, so if you have been using it as a guide, you will be fine.
  • Review the rubric requirements and Business Plan PPT before Presentation

You have started your business and created your Business plan, so you are officially ready to market your company!!!