Who's In My Town? (French Edition)


Your goal is to find all different kinds of people who live in your town and be able to identify their English and French professions.


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You need to find different professions in your town! You will need to find at least 5 different professions, such as a firefighter, a police officer, a dentist and so on. Once you find all of these you will learn about what their job is and what they do for your town. Once you learn them all you will need to math their profession with the French word for their job.


1) Walk around your town and find businesses and buildings that interest you.

2) Once you have found them, make a list of who they are, what their profession is, and what they do to help the town.

3) Once that is finished, take their job, such as doctor, and find the French word for it.


Your work will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Finding 5 professions
  • Explaining what the profession is
  • What the profession does for your town
  • Knowing the French word for that profession

Knowing who's in your town is very important. Knowing what they do and why they do it is also important. It is good to know why a dentist cleans teeth and why a town worker spreads pavement. Using this project to go along with our language lesson, you can learn about the people in your town, and also learn the French word for what their job is!


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The goal of this WebQuest is for students to go out and learn about the people in the town. It also gives them a chance to learn about different jobs and what goes on in different working environments. Making it go along with our lesson plan, this webquest requires the students to learn the French word for all the professions they find in their town.