Who's Who European Explorers


      Who's Who European Explorers     

            You are a time traveler on a special mission for the president. The world has lost much of what it remembers about how the world was discovered . The president is looking for time travelers to go back to a time when the world was new.

            You will be sent back in time to research the life of the earliest explorers. Each traveler will be assigned a European explorer by their teacher.

            Travelers will research their explorer. You will gather information about their home, exploration, discoveries, and accomplishments.  Each traveler will present information in the form of a power point. In addition, you will write a short report, 1 cover page plus 1 written page and create a postage stamp. This will help our government rebuild our lost knowledge from the information gathered.


Each traveler will research the European explorer assigned by their teacher.


Travelers will gather information on their explorer. You will use internet resources, or classroom resources. Each traveler will research the following topics:

  • When and where they were born.
  • Areas explored
  • Purpose of their exploration
  • At least 2 highlights of exploration
  • Accomplishments and discoveries
  • At least 2 interesting facts

When the traveler has collected the necessary information, you will put together a power point discussing all topics related to your explorer.



Step 1: Locate when and where your explorer was born and died.

Step 2: Each traveler will research his/her explorer using the internet or classroom resources (Studies Weekly).

Step 3: After gathering information, each traveler will be responsible for putting together all research into a power point of your explorer.

Step 4: You will write your report and create a postage stamp that represents your explorer.

Step 5: You will present your power point and postage stamp.


You will be graded on the following:

  • Facts are complete and accurate
  • Purpose for exploration is accurate and detailed
  • At least 2 highlights of exploration are included
  • At least 2 other interesting facts are included
  • Grammar and spelling are correct and handwriting is neat
  • Student demonstrates best effort


Dear Time Travelers,


Congratulations!  You have successfully retrieved the information from the past to help us rebuild our knowledge. We could not have done it without you. With your research, we will be able to rebuild our data base. We have a new respect for the world around us and can remember what the world was like before so many important discoveries.  America thanks you!



                                                                                                                                                         The   President