Why do we need to know about chemistry?


Hello, 6th grade science!  I have a question for you...

Why is chemistry important in our lives?

Chemistry does so many things in our lives that we don't even think about.  Without it, we wouldn't have food to eat and plants to give us oxygen, medicines and even the processes in our bodies!  And without chemistry, you can forget about seeing those fireworks you look forward to every year. By the end of this WebQuest, you will know much more about this topic, and even be able to explain it to others!


After completing this WebQuest you will better understand chemistry, what it means, and even though it can be complicated, understanding the basics will help you understand how important it is in our lives.  Things you've never even thought about involve chemistry.  Plus, it can be kind of fun!

I want you to find five examples that happen in our lives where chemistry is taking place. (please do not use ones I have already given) I want you to name the process, and then describe in your own words what makes it a chemical process. 

After you find the five examples, I want you to come up with a basic chemistry lab that our class can do that demonstrates one of your examples of chemistry.  I will choose the top 2 for the class and if I pick yours, you get 10 extra credit points!

Please create a Google Doc to share with me including this information. 



If you aren't sure how to get started, here are some links to help:



You are not limited to these sites!  Please feel free to use what you know about reputable sites and use them!


Your grade will be determined by the following:

*you have 5 different examples of chemistry that happen in our lives (10 pts)

*you have used 2 to 3 sentences to describe how your example is chemistry taking place (10 pts)

*you have provided a possible simple lab for the class to do using lab items that are we are able to use at school (no explosives!) (5 pts)

Don't forget the 10 extra credit points if I choose your lab to do with the class!


Students, do you best! 

I know this is a topic we have discussed for only a couple of weeks, but do your best to use what you already know and what we've talked about in class.