Why is it important to say no to drugs?


Drug abuse is one of the most prevalent issues affecting teens and children in Jamaica. In this lesson, you will be exploring the topic "Why is it important to say no to drugs?". During this lesson you will discover what a drug is along with some classifications of drugs. You will also explore the mental and physical effects some common drugs have in the body.


Choose ONE drug explored in the lesson and create a poster to educate children in your community about. The poster should be entitled 'Say No to (insert name of drug). The poster should include the classification of the drug and a definition. Pictures and drawings may be used. 



1. Click the following link and listen to MC Lee's thoughts on taking drugs. Take note of his thoughts on drug use, the ways he stated drugs may be taken and the effects tilt may have on the body.



2. People use drugs for many different reasons. Use the link below and go to the sections labelled ‘How drugs can affect the individual and society’ and ‘Why people take drugs’  to explore some reasons why some people choose to take drugs and how drugs may affect them and harm the society. Make note of at least 6 reasons people take drugs (in your own words) and 3 ways the use of drugs may affect an individual and the Jamaican society.


3. Drugs can be classified as legal or illegal and hard or soft. These classifications focus on different aspects of drugs. Use the links below to access the pdf to find the differences between legal and illegal drugs. Find examples of drugs for each category. Also note the subcategories associated with legal and illegal drugs.


4. use the link below to access information hard and soft drugs. Note the differences between the categories and examples of drugs found in each category.

5. There are many drugs that are being abused. Click the link below to find common drugs and the effects they have on a person.


6. Access the podcast by clicking the link below. Listen to the interview with a recovering drug addict. Make note of why she started taking drugs, how it affected her and why she chose to stop taking drugs 












Very easy to read. Very organized.

Mostly easy to read and organized.

Fairly organized and legible.

Legible but unorganized.

Organized but illegible.

Most words are illegible.


Difficult to read.


Use of terms

Effective use of  at least 6 terms learnt in the lesson

At least 4 terms used correctly

Fair use of terms.

Terms were not used correctly

An attempt was made to use the terms.

Terms not used.


Drug specified




Clearly specified

Not clearly specified

Not specified


Use of Pictures/ drawings



Effective use of pictures/drawings

Fair use of pictures/drawings.

Picture/drawing used but does not relate to the theme.

No picture or drawing used.


Effects clearly stated

Five or more effects  stated

Three effects stated.

One or more effect stated.

Effects not clearly stated.

Does not match the drug chosen.

Effect not stated.



Classification and definition 

Drug clearly defined and categorized.

Definition and category fairly stated.

Definition and category not clearly stated.

Definition or category stated.

Drug not clearly defined or categorized.

Drug not defined or categorized.








Total score





Drugs are defined as any substance taken that changes the way the body or the mind works. Drugs may be classified by using different systems. Classifications of drugs may include:

Hard vs Soft drugs- this looks at how addictive the drugs are.

Legal vs Illegal-  this looks at drugs that are permitted for use or restricted by the law.

People may be motivated to take drugs for many different reasons whether by peer pressure, curiosity, pain and stress or even boredom. Many drugs have serious side effects, some may even cause death. Some drugs are highly addictive and should be avoided.


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