why is PAL successful by following the steps of total quality managament


The company that I think of is PAL aka Philippine Airlines, PAL has been in the tourism industry for a long time and you can tell that the company is well managed. The PAL really follows the implementing a quality managment and I will discuss it here


Today were here to discuss the topic today on how became successful and by that we will know the ways of the total quality managment.

The steps of the total quality managment


1. Clarify Vision, Mission, and Values

All employees need to understand where the organization is headed (its vision), what it hopes to accomplish (mission), and the operational principles (values) that will steer its priorities and decision making.

In PAL they have a vision mission so that they know what the company's goal 

and the examples are

1. To conduct and maintain safe, reliable, and cost effective flight operation 

2. To achieve on-time performance on all flight


2. Identify Key Customer Group


Every organization has customers. Those that understand who the key customer groups are can create products and services based on customer requirements.


The job of PAL is to give a good price for all their flights so that many customers will be attracted and they will buy alot of tickets and thats how they do services to the customers



Technology in PAL is very important because that's how they do there business and by that there doing online promo in their site every summer or end of the year





the steps of Total Quality Management is very useful especially if you want your business will be successful, Just like Philippine airlines on how they are committed to excellence "Philippine Airlines, Inc. (PAL) is committed to providing the total quality travel experience to all our customers. We endeavor to create a product that would make us truly proud and our customers satisfied. Our aim is to accord our customers an experience which they would remember us by, through a consistent effort to enhance our service delivery and regular trainings of our employees. We constantly try to improve our current systems and policies with our customers in mind. Our commitment to deliver the service expected of us and which our customers rightfully deserve is a primary and foremost goal"