Winter According to Humphrey


Christmas is coming and Room 26 is having a program. The class pet, Humphrey, loves watching his classmates get everything ready. Humphrey thinks that it will be a wonderful program.

     But with so much to do will the program go according to plan? Do-it-Now-Daniel is having trouble practicing the piano, Helpful-Holly can't stop thinking about making presents for her friends and Humphrey still has to find a gift for Og. Will they get everything done for the Holidays?


1. Read the book Winter According to Humphrey                                                                                           

2. Answer some questions about the book on a seperate sheet of paper

3. Pick a character from the book (that you like)

4. Make a diorama that looks like the Winter Wonderland Program that they have in the book

5. Present your character to the class with your diorama

6. Turn in your paper with the answers to the questions on it after you are done presenting 

7. Have Fun!!!