Women and Minorities in the Civil War


                                                                                            CIVIL WAR

The American Civil War was a civil war fought in the United States between 1861-1865 between the North(Union) and the South (Confederacy).  The Civil War began primarily as a result of a long standing controversy over the enslavement of African people. Northern victory in the war preserved the United States as one nation and ended the institution of slavery that had divided the country from its beginning. But these achievements came at the cost of 625,000 lives.  What you may not know is that women and minority groups like African, Hispanic, and Native Indian soldiers played an important role in both armies during the Civil War.  

Through this WebQuest you will examine the roles and contributions of women and minority groups.



Your job is to decide on a topic.

1. Women in the Civil War

2. African soldiers

3. Hispanic soldiers

4. Native Indian soldiers

After you have chosen, you are to research and write a newspaper article that is 3-5 paragraphs in length describing their roles in the Civil War. Think about why they chose the side they did.  Were they made to fight on a side they didn't agree with?  Include pictures or maps with battle locations to enhance your article.  Include any other details that will help us understand the group you chose.


1.  Use the links below to research facts, examples, and details of the people you chose.

2.  Research thoroughly and take good notes.  Your article should give detail of what side they fought, why they chose that side, and any  other details that will enhance your article.

3.  Find pictures, maps, and drawings to support your article.

Internet links:









4.  Brainstorm various ways to compose your newspaper article.  Use this link to help.

How to write the perfect newspaper article - YouTube


5.  Create a draft of your article and get a peer review.  Make any revisions necessary.  

6.  Your final draft will be reviewed by the editor (teacher) before being published.

7.  Don't forget to include a picture, map or drawing.

8.  You will present your article to your class so you want to be specific and thorough in presenting your topic.


Criteria 4 3 2 1 0

Four or more facts are

included in the article.

Three or more facts

are included in the article. 

Two or more facts are

included in the article.

One fact is included

in the article.

No facts are included

in the article.


The article is well organized

and written in a logical order

The article is well organized

with one minor error. 

The article is well

organized with two errors

The article is poorly

organized with more than two errors.

The article is disorganized and

difficult to follow. There are more than three content errors. 

Mechanics The article is free from grammar and spelling errors The article has 1-2 grammar or spelling errors  The article has 3-4 grammar or spelling errors The article has five or more grammar or spelling errors All sentences in the article contain grammar and spelling errors.
Presentation The author presented the article in a clear voice. He/she made consistent eye contact with the audience. 
The author presented the article in a clear voice. Some eye contact was made with the audience.  The author presented the article in a clear voice. Little eye contact was made with the audience.  The author did not communicate clearly. Little eye contact was made with the audience.  The author did not communicate clearly. Eye contact was not made with the audience. 



There were many people that had a lasting impact on the history of America.  Many people when asked who fought in the Civil War will say, "the north and south."  Your research helped bring light to groups of people that were in the shadows of this war.  Your article helped give them a voice for their contributions in the Civil War.  You introduced us to these groups, what side they fought for, and why. 


This WebQuest was created by Jay King.

I'm working on my masters of Secondary Education through Mississippi State University.

Feel free to use and modify if necessary for your students.

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This WebQuest was created to give students a better understanding of who actually fought on the sides of the north and south in the Civil War.  Many of these groups are not known well.  These articles written will bring their stories to the surface to be learned from.