Women in World War II


Introduction While much of what we learn about World War II deals with the lives of men, this webquest will allow the player to learn all about the varied roles women played during World War II.



Your task is to discover the world of women during World War II. What was life like in the factories? How harrowing was it to be a nurse? You will be given the choice between reading an article and watching a video. You will be then expected to fill out a worksheet that relates and answer questions relating either to the article or video. Good luck!

Here is a link to your worksheet. 


Question 1: Read Question 1 and be sure to do it first before you go on. 

Question 2-3: For Question 2-3 be sure to read the questions carefully and answer them carefully. If you want to use extra sources, you can but ensure they are cited in Chicago style.

Question 4: For Question 4 think about whether anything surprised you. Alternatively, think about if anything emotionally interested you.

Question 5: For Question 5 think about what you thought of regarding WWII before doing this webquest. Did anything change in your understanding?


  4-5 2-3 0-1
Writing Students' writing is free of any grammatical errors or only has 1-2 grammatical errors. Students' writing has some grammatical errors. Students' writing is almost entirely composed of grammatical errors.
Content Students' content is historically accurate. Students' content has a few historical errors. Students' content has a plethora of historical errors.
Reflection Student described fully how their perspective on World War II had changed. Student somewhat described how their perspective on World War II had changed Student failed to describe how their perspective on World War II had changed.



You have now learned more about WWII than the standard male narrative that revolves around soldiers' lives and battles. For more information on factory workers, be sure to check out the documentary, Rosie the Riveter. For more information on the lives of nurses during World War II be sure to read the book, And if I Perish: Frontline US Army Nurses in World War II by Evelyn Monahan. 


This webquest was inspired by Szabo, B. n.d. Dinosaurs Before Dark. Quest Garden. Retrieved from http://questgarden.com/52/36/4/070612201403/t-index.htm