Work and Travel in Australia!


Dear Englisch students from the Frida-Levy-Gesamtschule :)

In the next couple of lessons you will prepare a work & travel month abroad in Australia.

You need to come up with a good route through Australia that allows you to earn some money and see as many sights as possible. 

Do you want to go diving in the Great Barrier Reef? Maybe you want to earn some money at a fruit farm or a zoo? The choice is yours!


Your journey starts at Sydney Airport on the first day of the month and ends at Perth Harbour on the last day of the month!


Make sure to find information on at least 5 work and travel spots as well as at least 5 interesting sights!


You should find the following information about every spot and sight:

  • Where is it on the map? In which city is it?
  • What can you do/ see/ experience there?
  • Why did you choose exactly this place? What makes it special to you?
  • What can you find out about it? Are there any stats, figures or comments of visitors?

Do a research with your team mates and present your findings to the class in form of one of the following products:

  • an oral presentation with a colorful poster 
  • a powerpoint presentation with lots of pictures
  • a written text about your journey


Of course you will have to hand in your results at the end of the project. Your products will be graded, so work faithfully!

If there are questions, don't be shy to ask!

Mr. Strzyzewski


The map below helps you to get started. Remember your journey starts in Sydney and ends in Perth.


Links for sights:

1) 15 most famous sights

2) Cool attractions

3) Sights in the outback


Links for work and travel spots:

1) Working in Australia

2) Work and Travel Australia (Deutsche Seite!)

3) Great places for work and travel


You may google other websites of course! There is so much to find out!


Meine Benotung eurer Leistungen basiert auf folgenden Aspekten:

Die Ergebnisse sind vollständig vorhanden. (mindestens 5 Sehenswürdigkeiten und 5 Work and Travel Spots)

Die Ergebnisse wurden sauber angefertigt. (z.B. beim Poster: Lineal wurde benutzt, schöne Schrift etc.)

Die Ergebnisse sind inhaltlich richtig.

Die Ergebnisse sind sprachlich angemessen und verständlich.

Die Ergebnisse sind grammatikalisch korrekt.

Die Ergebnisse wurde erkennbar selber verfasst. (Es wurde nichts einfach aus dem Internet kopiert, Texte spiegeln auch durch mögliche Fehler den tatsächlichen Leistungsstand des Schülers wider)



We will publish your results (if possible) here after the project!