Workshop: Fable


Now as a final task we are going to have fun producing our own fable! 

1. Discuss with the classmate next to you the following questions

  • Can you explain how you normally tell a story? How do you find inspiration? What references do you use?  

  •  Or if you like to write, how does your process work? What is the first thing you do to come up with ideas to write? How do you normally do it  ? 

You will have 5 minutes to discuss with your partner 

In this part of the class you will be able to recognize 5 basic steps to write your own fable 

2. Take a quick look of the following graphic to better understand the 5 steps of the writing process

Or you can also watch this video to have a better idea:

3. Now we are going to read the following article that will help us a to have some ideas of what it is expected in our fable.  

If there's something you would like to discuss or ask this is the time 

We will have 15 - 20 mins to read and work on this part 




Before writing our fable, we should make sure we understood the five steps of the writing process. 

Game time | Game time, Fb games, Scentsy games

4.Try to answer this multiple choice game, if you come up with a different option than the one your classmates give you, try to convince them that your choice is correct by giving an adequate explanation. 


5. In this game you will be asked to order the cards according to what we saw on the writing process,Drafting,Revising,Editing,Publishing&t=Writing%20process&b=Wood%20Grain


You have 20 minutes to have fun with this simple activities 


6. Click here to choose the features you want to see in our own fable: 

StrawPoll: Cree una encuesta de opinión en segundos

We will choose together in class the main features for our fable, or you can always suggest other options, this is just a way to inspire you.

Take 15 to 20 minutes to answer the poll, then we will discuss together the results. 


7. In this PADLET you will write your version of the fable having in mind the characters, the setting, the rising and falling action and the moral of the fable that we have chosen together in class 

(you can use these suggested templates here that will help you guide your writing process or you can be free and just write as you want. But you will have to prove at the end that you have carried out the steps of the writing process.)



10 Very Good

9-8 Good 

6-7 Acceptable

1-5 Insufficient


Use of the structures in the final task (the fable)

Your final task (the fable)  follows the structure that was proposed through the whole DU, well done!

Even if your final task (the fable) follows almost all the structure proposed through the DU, you decide to change one or two parts of the structure. Well done, let your instincts guide you. 

You deliver the final task (the fable) but you did not follow any of the steps proposed in the DU, you are a free soul but next time try to give the structure a chance 

You did not deliver the final task 


Your participation helped the development of the DU to achieve the objectives. 

You tried your best and this helped you and others to get to  the point of the DU 

Even if you did not participate that much, you contribute with significant ideas to the group and the development of the DU

you did not come to any session, hence, you could not participate 

Language Use

past tense and specific adjectives 

You use in your final task and through your participation the vocabulary proposed in a proper way including adjectives and the past tense 

You use in your final task and through your participation some of the vocabulary  proposed and the past tense but maybe with some mistakes that you need to take into account next time   

You tried your best to use the past tense and you use some of the vocabulary proposed but you might take more risk to use it better 

You did not come to the sessions.