World War II


Personal story / Testimony, Based on what happened in the Second World War, tells what he lived that moment


Later, around nine or ten, they were ready to go to sleep. And right away - before they all sleep at all - they hear crunches on the ceiling. The first thing they heard were shots in the courtyard. And the shots continued, one after the other, and they were getting stronger and much more followed. While he heard creaking on the roof, he thought "Thank God, it's raining.


But it was not rain. The house was on fire. It was a wooden house and it caught fire. So they were forced to leave. It was one or two in the morning and all that was visible was thanks to the moonlight. You could see everything that was happening


Somehow, they slipped out of the house and into the courtyard, in the middle of the battle between Germans and Russians. What happened was that a group of Russians had been left behind. The front was already too far away, but they did not know it. The Russians did not know that there was no longer the front and there was some kind of battle. So they left in the middle of the night and were immediately arrested by the Germans


They gathered them in one place. We were about 15 or 18 men, and there were women. They pushed the women aside and took the men away. And anyone wearing a cap was forced to take it off. And anyone who did not have hair was removed and shot. They were shot in the courtyard. He was young, he had lost his home and he was witness to the terrible massacre of eight or ten men. Luckily, they did not take him because he had hair and was not in the army. They were looking for bald people because they thought they could be Russians who had changed their clothes. So they took the people ... his father did not have much hair, but he probably looked older, so by chance he was not taken away either. But I know why they did not take it. They were murdered and he and his father had to dig a grave, a huge well in the yard. And they buried them there.