World War II: How Did We Get Here!!!


When World War II erupted in September of 1939, many Americans viewed it as a "European problem and hoped to stay out of the conflict. The United States watched while Germany victoriously took over more and more land. Yet, the U.S. wasn't totally neutral, they provided supplies to the Allies to assist in war efforts.This Web-Quest is designed to help students gain an understanding of the events that led the United States to enter World War II, understand the economic impact of the Bell Bomber Plant, military bases and shipyards and explain the military contributions of Richard Russell and Carl Vinson.


Activity 1: Graphic Organizer  

 1. Watch the video from the History Channel

 2. Compose a 5 W chart to describe the events leading to America's involvement in WWII. 

Activity 2: Time Line




1.Use the History Channel link to create a 5 Ws and H chart to describe the key events leading up to American involvement in WWII.


Topic: Lend Lease Act

  • Who:  (Who was involved?)
  • What: (What was the event?)
  • When: (When did the event happen?)
  • Why: (Why did the event happen?)
  • How: (How did the event lead to America's involvement in World War II?)

2. Use the Smartdraw link to create a timeline showing the key events leading up to America's involvement in World War II. You can color code your timelines, include the first battle of the war, the last battle of the war, the turning point and alliances that were formed.