A World Without Earthquakes


Earthquakes are very dangerous. According to statista.com, thousands of people die due to earthquakes (statista.com, 2019). Yet, they have a purpose.


Driving Question: What would change if earthquakes suddenly disappeared?

For this lesson, we'll critically look into earthquakes. 

First, we'll look into why earthquakes happen.

Then, we'll discuss how earthquakes shape our world.

Finally, we'll create and present an alternative world where earthquakes no longer exist.



Let's take a look why earthquakes happen. Turn and talk with your group and come up with ideas on why earthquakes happen. Think about the plate tectonics lab last week. We will discuss this further and see what you already know. 

Then watch the following video on YouTube: 

Afterwards, you will conduct any additional research on your own on why earthquakes happen. Keep information sources as needed.



How do earthquakes shape our world? We live in California, a location well-known for big earthquakes. Learning about earthquakes is extremely relevant for us all. 

Take this quiz on Google Forms. In this quiz, you will write a response on how earthquakes shape our world today. Please include one reason, and why that reason is significant. 

Then continue with the quiz.




Create a presentation on what our world would be like without earthquakes. Would our world be better? Would it be worse? Would it even out? Critically think about the impact of earthquakes have on our world (infrastructure, people, health, land, animals, etc.), and how it would change if they disappeared. 

Pick either a PPT or a poster to help you with your presentation. You will be working with your group mates.

Presentation will be 3 - 5 minutes long.

Provide resources to support your claims. You may pick 1 - 2 topics, no more than 2 to conserve focus to really dig into the topics.

Please check with me on your topics. No more than 2 groups can pick the same topics. ie. only 2 groups may talk about how buildings would change. 



Prepare for tomorrow's lesson. 

How can we prepare for the next big earthquake? 

Can we predict the next big earthquake? How can we protect ourselves? 


Individual Work:

Submit a 150 - 200 word response analysis on whether you would like a world without earthquakes. Why would you like it, or why wouldn't you like it? 

E-mail responses to me @ ________. 


Earthquakes are a part of our world. In order to critically think about a subject, one method is to think what would life be like without it. We learned about earthquakes, why they exist, and what happens in the aftermath. 

Next we'll look into how can we mitigate (lower the risk or lower the damage) the catastrophic damage from earthquakes. Scientists and engineers study the effects of earthquakes and have come up with some hypotheses and systems to help predict and protect against earthquakes. We'll take a dive into this for our next lesson. 





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