World's top 5 popular cities for tourists in 2018


When it comes to vacations, some people will be looking for relaxing activities while some will be looking for somewhere to rest. So, many people spend their vacation time travelling around the world. The famous destinations have their own attractions such as traditions, foods, beautiful places, weather, etc.


1. Create a bar graph of " World's top 5 popular cities for tourists in 2018 " by using Microsoft Excel.
2. Choose one city from top 5 popular cities for tourists in 2018, except Bangkok, to write a short comparative passage in the title of "The attractions of (chosen city) and Bangkok" by using the information from the links given.
Note: You may find more information from other websites. If you do so, please provide the links to your sources.


Task 1

*Visit websites below. 
*Write the ranking of World's top 5 popular cities for tourists in 2018.
*Create a bar graph from the statistical numbers by using Microsoft excel.

Task 2

* Visit websites below.
* List the words you don’t know and find their meanings.
* Choose one of 5 cities except Bangkok and write the 1st paragraph of the passage with at least 6 sentences about its attractions by using the information from the website.
* Continue the passage with the 2nd paragraph of at least 6 sentences to compare the chosen city with Bangkok.








Task 1

The graph shows correct information.

Task 2

Rubric’s score for the writing “The attractions of (chosen city) and Bangkok”.

1 = Limited   2 = Proficient   3 = Exemplary

Total score = 9  *The students must reach the proficient in at least 2 areas and have at least 5 points in total score.



  1 2 3  



The written content does not match the requirement. The written content does not demonstrate all of the concept. The written content follows the requirement.  
Grammar and spelling The work has 5 or more grammatical and spelling errors. The work has grammatical and spelling errors less than 5. The work has no has grammatical and spelling errors.  
Neatness The work has a terrible hand writing. The work has a readable hand writing but not perfect. The work has a perfect hand writing.  



Present your work, conclude what you have learned and share to the class.