Year 4/5 History Project: Colonisation and Aboriginal People

W.A.L.T (we are learning to) This task develops your understanding of the differences between how the British and the Aboriginal people lived and the impacts colonisation had on the land.
W.I.L.F (what i'm looking for)
  • You will be researching and finding information from both the internet and books to compare the differences and similarities between the European and Aboriginal culture.
  • You will be exploring what you have learnt over the past term about British colonisation and considering beliefs, religion, way of life, the way the land was treated, family life and language from two perspectives;

1. Child convicts who were shipped to Australia as a part of the first arrivals.

2. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the impact that British settlement had on the Aboriginal culture and the environment.

T.I.B (this is because) It is important to understand where we came from and how our country has changed and developed over time.


Read and work through each of the two tasks listed in the 'tasks' tab.

You can use the suggested websites that are listed in the 'process' tab to help you with your information.

The appropriate websites links are provided for you to research your topics and build the knowledge required to complete each task. Time management is important so try to stick to the time guide for each task!


You will be writing TWO letters. Each letter will be written from the perspective of a different child who witnessed the impacts of European Colonisation from the year 1788 to the mid 1800's.


Child Convict Perspective

Imagine you have just arrived by boat to Australia to join one of the first colonies. Write a letter home describing your jouney and what you have seen since you've arrived.

You will be writing a letter from the perspective of a settler/convict, including possible events that may have occurred during the time of settlement and early colony building.


Aboriginal Perspective

Explore the impact that British settlement had on Aboriginal people. Identify how this affected the Aboriginal culture, language and way of life.

Write a letter from the perspective of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person, including possible events that may have occurred during the time of settlement and early colony building.

PRESENTATION: Your letters can be either typed or handwritten. See the 'evaluation' tab for information on what your letter needs to include.

DUE DATE: End of Week 4, Term 3.






Week 2


Collect information for both letters in your HASS books.

Make sure you clearly lable your notes so you know what information can be used for which letter.

Week 3


Start drafting your letters.

Aim to have a draft letter from each persepctive to Mrs Morris by the end of this week so she can provide feedback.

Week 4


Make any changes to your letters (based on the feedback from Mrs Morris)

Publish your letters and decorate with drawings that you think may have been included if the letter was sent back in the 1800's!


The following websites and videos may provide you with information that will help you with your research.


Read up to "Early Encounters between Aboriginals and Foreign People"



New Videos coming soon 


Read from "First Encounter between Aboriginals and White Settlers"’-perceptions-of-aboriginal-people.html

Read "Contacts and Colonisation" and "Law and Land in NSW":




Success Criteria

             Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
Viewpoint presented in letters            
Research Skills        


Teacher Page

This task is based around the following inquiry questions:

•    What do we know about the lives of people in Australia’s colonial past and how do we know?
•    How did an Australian colony develop over time and why?
•    How did colonial settlement change the environment?
•    What were the significant events and who were the significant people that shaped Australian colonies?