Young Authors


Students, as you know, we have been focusing on the elements of fictive writing for the past few weeks and now you and your group partners will have the chance to come up with your own short story and create unique characters.   


With your group, your task is to construct a fictive short story that puts a spin on an everyday task such as going to school, grocery shopping, or any other ideas your group can come up with.  Your story must include all the elements of fiction writing that we have discussed. 


First, brainstorm plot ideas with your group.  Think about what your story will be about, where it will take place, what conflicts and solutions your characters will go through, etc. Keep in mind that there must be as many main characters as there are in your group.  

Second, each group member must create their own unique character for the story.  The character can be based on yourself, a person you know, or you can create a entirely unique persona.  

Third, before writing begins, create a story map that includes key details for characters and also shows connections that will be made to other characters as well as the main conflict that will affect all of the story's characters. 

Fourth, each group member will be responsible for at least a page of the story that is includes the character they created, but it can include details from throughout everyone's writing.  



This assignment will be graded based on how well your group is able to connect all of the story's characters and how they ultimately overcome the main conflict.  This assignment will be graded on a point system that will later be converted into a number grade.  The following criteria will be evaluated for points:

Character Uniqueness (5 points)

Overall Plot (20 points)

Main Conflict (15 points)

Solution (10 points)


There will be at least two drafts of your story completed before your group submits a final submission.  We will be working on this assignment in class, but please feel free to meet with your group members after or outside of school if you wish yo work on it further.  Take your time and be as creative as you can.  Please make sure your group is considering the ideas of EVERYONE.